Sunday, January 2, 2022

Ready for the Bindery's Interior

Framed out the interior, walls up, floors sanded and sealed but wanted to retain the essence of the original  bindery.

Interior walls up. Used Scalescenes' clapboard for floors and walls, but in n-scale to make it finer,
less like the exterior of a structure.

Doors are from Gleimo, a Germany card modeling vendor/site. Sadly no longer around and I lost
all my original downloads when my drive crashed...

Looking in from the street. This is one of the very few structures I have with interiors.
As the sun never sets, and it's always summery, no real point fiddling with interiors.

Looking in to get a sense of the space.

Overhead view of the space. There is a toilet and wet room on the other side of that diagonal wall,
Also stairs to the 2nd level where the binder Gertrud Jannowitz will live.

Now comes the hard work of detailing the interior with shelves, benches, storage, a desk, stools, a board shear, presses... We'll see how I make it work. 

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