Thursday, December 30, 2021

Construction on the Bookbindery Begins

 A week or so ago, I shared my initial ideation for adding a bookbindery to my Papphausen layout. Well, today my "journeyman" Fritz Otto began taking measurements onsite and figuring out how best to fit the structure on the oddly shaped site.

The site. The pigeon shack will move, as will some of a tenant's BMW 2002 collection.

Measuring with a printout of the facade scaled to 1:87.
The woman in the yellow dress will be working  in the bindery when completed.

An overhead view with the Rhein-Ruhr S-Bahn passing above.

The bindery where I apprenticed in Gelsenkirchen will serve as a model for the interior if I can
pull off scaling them down to some form of viable 1:87.
Otherwise, flat printouts cut to the contours will be glued in place at various depths
to give the illusion like a "peep show" or "tunnel book".

Facade elements isolated in Photoshop.

Elements pasted onto a scaled pattern sheet from Scalescenes. Once the primary image is mounted,
windows, doors, and other details get cut out, new images get mounted,
and all is layered to build depth.

Mounting the door, so it can be set behind the facade.

Rubbing down the threshold after putting the door in place.

Rubbing down the window sills.

Gluing the clear lower window in place. The upper will be opaque.

Just taking a look to see how it's coming. Ok?

VERY loosely positioned on the building site.
The binder is standing in front and having her picture taken... For the local paper?

The same from a different angle.

Made a lot of progress on a lazy day. Still need to figure out the roof and interior. The latter can be added later if the roof is made removable.

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