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Card Models in Video Games

Wow! Love the fact that they made real models rather than using CGI for all. Images look like they could be sets for the Cabinet of Dr. Caligari.

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We Build From Cardboard

Haven't spent any time on the layout in ages, came out of a malaise and headed into over-commitmentland, but need to get back to it. Biggest reason is fixing some water damage from a flood that came from above. Nothing too serious, but the abbey on the hill is gone (I have a small castle ready) and some trees to fix along with some other things.
One of the lofty goals of Communist Party and education officials was to create “harmonious human beings” by instilling Soviet morals and work habits into the minds of young children. While literacy rates in the first decade after the October Revolution were remarkably low, reading was soon to become the single most important way of socializing and educating children in the Soviet Union. An important but lesser-known aspect of Soviet 1930s education involved do-it-yourself books. These were conceived as an interactive medium that invited children not only to enjoy reading, absorb information and reflect, but also to develop practical skills needed for the construction of a Communist society.

I have similar book of what we now call "DIY" projects, things like building radio controlled ships, models of structures for train layouts, art projects. many of them used card - an inexpensive, readily available material that is easy to work with. My book is less political and published in the late 60s in Germany. Still, should dig it out. Easy to find though, and with my MRR books.

Full post with more pictures on the The Charnel-House - From Bauhaus to Beinhaus blog.

Then for that post-communist look there is EASTERN BLOCK by Zupagrafika.
Blok Wschodni / Eastern Block is a collection of paper cut-out models representing various modernist buildings in Warsaw, Poland.

The series, created and distributed by the polish graphic design studio Zupagrafika, is made up of iconic examples of modernist architecture (Rotunda PKO), some less classic buildings, however, familiar to the city dwellers (Za Żelazną Bramą, Smolna 8, Mokotów), as well as "Wielka Płyta" prefab blocks from the outskirts (Tarchomin).

The whole set is eco-friendly as it is made from 100% recycled paper and carton. Each building is hand-drawn and includes a short technical note on its architects, year of construction and exact location.

The complete collection can be ordered online from Zupagrafika´s website and bought in bookshops and concept stores around Poland and Germany.

Good article with more images on the Packaging of the World blog.

From the same company in Poland... BLOKOGRAFIA, a Modernist Alphabet by Zupagrafika

Blokografia is a collection of paper cut-out typographies designed by polish studio Zupagrafika and inspired by Polish modernist architecture: from the prefab blocks in the districts to the ones in the city centers.

The collection consists of several buildings in different Polish cities, like Poznan (Os. Orła Białego, Dom Towarowy Alfa, Budynek Telewizory, Hotel Polonez, Collegium Novum...) and Warsaw (Ża Żelazną Bramą, Smolna 8...).

The whole set is eco-friendly as it is made from 100% recycled paper and cardboard.
Each building is hand-drawn and includes a short technical note on its architects, year of construction and exact location.

The complete collection can be ordered online from Zupagrafika´s online shop and bought in bookshops and concept stores around Poland.

More pictures at Packaging of the World and here.

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Trainspotting in Temagami, Ontario

After the Northlander experience in North Bay, I knew trainspotting in Temagami would be very anticlimactic, but nothing would stop me from trying anyway, including the long drive...

Endless forests on the Trans Canada...

Bigger than life fish, tall tails in the making...

Cabins with garages for boats on small islands in endless lakes...

Once in Temagami, 1.5 hrs north of North Bay we parked the car and began exploring.

Theodore's Chip Stand in front of the train station

Theodore Moose? Looks almost like a classical African statue.
Here the train station in Temagami while still working as such, from the wiki page.

The train station looking north. Single track mainline, with passing siding.
Passenger service ceased in 2012. The Northlander would have stopped here.
A group of Keewaydin campers portaging through town to put into Lake Temagami.
Great to see for myself what my daughter did several times a day for years... The little kids with big loads and big smiles were inspiring and reassuring. Hard work but loving it.

And crossing the tracks to go 2 more blocks to the lake, then back for another load.
My daughter just had her 5th summer with "rival" camp Wabun based on the same lake.
Her trip was 6 weeks and 1000km+ in the sub-arctic.

Oh, you were expecting to see pictures of trains...?

These decommissioned freight cars now serve as storage units for a hardware store...

 Was told the afternoon Ontario Northland train could arrive around lunch (a two+ hour window). Parked myself next to the tracks, talked to the campers and other locals perplexed to see someone waiting for a train that may or may not come, and read John Water's Carsick (also this). Just like going fishin' on a hot summers day... S  l  o  w ... Was a good chance to work on my "librarian's" tan too (long sleeved tee-shirt and pants with hat)

Was a l o n g wait, but then a rumbling, quickly placed two Canadian quarters on the tracks and snapped it coming and going. Not a terribly long train, but there it comes...

 ... and it's gone again... Back to sleep/reading.

And this, watched it flying circles over the lake with tourist...

Here a map of Temagami... 

Click here for a great richly illustrated trip report (in German) on railroading in this part of Canada posted to the Drehscheibe Online forum. Link goes to the last of five posts but has index with links to the other posts at top. Enjoy.