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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Posten 210 - Final Corner 2

First placement tests...Obviously, the corner still needs to be glued down, pink painted black, structures and yards detailed and fixed... Still, great progress considering how long it took to get to this point. Time to do some bookbinding for a few days. Exhibits to work toward this year.


Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Posten 210 - Final Corner

This is the only part of the layout that saw no scenery, ever! Posten 210 was described further down here, and will be paired with the little schrebergarten shacks from Joswood below. Scenery will be easy, but I've been saying that for at least the 8 years that I began the layout ago and the 1.5 years since getting the posten... Here goes nothing, or something...

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Pappeck Reko-projekt on the Branchline - 6 (Schluß)

Two full days of detailing behind me with some more to do, including trying to clean some stray glue out of the signal, making station signage, and some structure weathering....

When I started it was to replace the very basic card model houses and station that I first had as a child and to make the overall scale of things more realistic, nevermind the buildings... As mentioned in earlier posts, kits are all lasercut card from Germany, Joswood, Moebo, and WS-Lasercut based on structures in Germany's mid-50s to mid-80s Ruhr Valley/industrial heart-/wasteland... For inspiration and rea examples I have numerous books depicting life, people, and industry in addition to my own recollections of having lived there in the mid-80s. That said, it's all a bit romanticized, but I'm ok with that.

Welcome to Pappeck.

Trinkhallen plausch (chat) and laundry day...

Chat across the fence...

Chat across the fence with a nice view behind. Where are the "Bullen" heading?

More kitchen gardens... Remember the veggies I assembled? Bunnies, too...

Punks and rockers... Wonder how it will end?

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Pappeck Reko-projekt on the Branchline - 5

Gardening in winter? Yes, and about time to be back working on things...

Post Christmas checklist:
  1. Dusting? Check!
  2. Track cleaning? Check, mostly...
  3. Düwag GT6 runs Check, after fixing due to drop...
  4. Backdrop fixed after getting bumped during various house construction projects? Check.
  5. Pappeck? Long neglected and in need of progress, or even better "completion?"
So, time to work in the gardens and create some scenes... Avoided these  #%$@ Busch kits long enough. On the menu cabbages, broccoli, lettuce, sunflowers and window boxes.

What have I gotten myself into...

Almost there...

The harvest...

Next, lift Pappeck out and bring to workbench and start detailing.
More anon...

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Pappeck Reko-projekt on the Branchline - 4

Been ages since I worked on the layout (last update on 1/21), but decided it was time to dust some of the cobwebs that covered things and play around with placement of the station that I built up during the spring. Rocking to Ballast der Republik bei the Toten Hosen with its relentless beat and songs like the title track and Schade, Scheiße, Wie Kann Das Passieren. HIGHLY recommend the album for those who understand German.

Have everything I need to finish (this corner) and just need to to get moving. Hard to juggle between this, binding projects, and general malaise brought on by work... Manchmal kann ich das Schwartze vor den Augen nimmer sehen. Aufwärts gehts! 

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Pappeck Reko-projekt on the Branchline - 3

And it goes on...Weathering of sidewalks, appying turf and other details, hedges. Still waiting for the station mentioned in the last post, want to detail the spaces between the houses with laundry lines, wabbit hutches, and stuff. Then will close off at towards the front with more hedges.

Put the scene onto the layout after I took these pictures and noticed that the tree blends into the background too well so will freshen up with a darker green turf.  Liking the way this is coming together.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Pappeck Reko-projekt on the Branchline - 2

Lifted the old town out (had forgotten that I can be clever) traced the outline and cut out some foam for the base... Good to start playing with placement of structures and road placement... Ordered WS-Lasercut's Wartehaus Sellin-Ost that I've decided will look and work better as a basic station.Nice compact footprint and appropriate for this kind of end of the line...

Overall view
First attempt at structure placement...
The Magdeburger Reiter statue of HRE Otto I will likely stay (somewhere) on the layout...

End of the line...
The old town next to my n-scale end module. May well keep as a momento of layouts past.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Pappeck Reko-projekt on the Branchline

Between all matter of book projects and The Bonefolder I'm glad to be getting back to the railroad. After the corner by my small harbor, it became time to set my eyes on my branchline station and neighborhood...

View down the street...
View from across the layout...
Siedlungshäuser from WS-Lasercut will replace the Schreiber houses. The difference in scale is scary. Though originally packed close together, putting three here will make things too tight, so I'll likely opt for 2 with more space between/around.

Unless something changes, all structures in this area will be card lasercut kits. It's been really interesting building these - interesting in a good way. The fit is really good, and the level of detail they can get amazing. None of the plastic shine either, though all will get some weathering and other detailing.
New crushing old...
Kits assembled to date...
The stellwerk and magazin (garage/store house) are by Moebo, the kiosk by Joswood. The magazin I may convert into a small station with a waiting room and storage... Then again, may scratchbuild a small station or use one of the "Wartehaus Sellin - Ost" that I just ordered from WS-Lasercut.
Detail of kiosk.

Building the kits with removable roofs so that I can detail interiors... This is the Trinkhalle/Kiosk so ubiquitous in the Ruhr and elsewhere.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

More Lasercuts

Was working on some more Moebo and Joswood kits again today and made an interesting discovery that impressed me more than I already was by what was possible with lasers and cardstock...

Today's output of kits, an industrial chimney, a shed-like structure, and two transformer stations/pump houses...
Moebo's transformer station/pump house - detail of "windows."
Transformer stations/pump house detail of "windows"lit from within.
That "screen" is lasercut out of ca.1mm/40pt cardstock in H0 - Wow!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Posten 210 - My first lasercut kit 2

After a far too long break, finally finished Joswood's Posten 210and provisionally placed it in its final position on the corner of the layout above the freight yard. Adjacent to it will be a small schrebergarten with several garden sheds.Will be good to get this corner done.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Christmas in June!

Received my package of laser cut kits from Joswood and Moebo that I mentioned in Posten 210 - My first lasercut kit. First up the stellwerk "Baruth" and a Kiosk. You can never have enough of those for a proper German Ruhrpott layout.

Danke Dirk und Jörg für die Schmuckstücke. Freue mich aufs zusammen bauen und weiteren Modellen.

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Posten 210 - My first lasercut kit

Received my first lasercut kit as a gift from a friend of mine in Germany recently... It's a small utilitarian streckenposten that stood alongside a grade level crossing at kilometer post 210 on Westmünsterlandbahn between Rheine and Emden, Germany. The structure stood in Rheine.

From Drehscheibe Online - Image from 1972 by Harald Pfeiler
From Drehscheibe Online - Image from 2000 by Wilhelm aus dem Münsterland
The kit is manufactured by Joswood and was a great introduction to building these kinds of kits. I've done a lot of scratchbuilding in card using photographic images, but this was quite different. The detail is amazing, especially the railings. Assembly was also quite straightforward. Definitely ready for more of these and look forward to a larger order of kits from Joswood and Moebo.

More pictures when I have it weathered, done, and placed on the layout.