Sunday, January 20, 2019

More vintage Märklin

Running more of my vintage Märklin. Louder, "rougher," and with that distinctive ozone smell.

Saturday, January 19, 2019

Pigeon Shed by Joswood

First kit in a while. A racing pigeon shed like those that dotted the Ruhr. The working man's race horses and far from rats with wings. There's a nice video (in German) from the WDR about raising pigeons here. See also some photos here.

The laser-cut card kit is by Joswood. Instructions are clear and materials are first rate. If you want to model northern, industrial, gritty, honest Germany, this is where you want to get your structures. Not an alpine hut in sight.

Will weather a bit before permanently placing on the layout, but I like where it is now.

Let's get started...

Roughly framed in and ready to start adding the exterior trim

Exterior mostly on, now lots of details and more layers

Done except for some weather. Joswood made that easy as the laser cutting left artifacts and the materials look very natural. Instructions also say to avoid perfect and right angles – make it look ramshackle...

Provisionally placed on the layout

Now to assemble the 1:87 pigeons - separate wings, legs, and beaks! Better have a Pils und n' Korn first to steady the hands.

You didn't seriously think I'd assemble pigeons from kits/scratch, did you?!?!

Weathered and populated. One of the pigeons is not like the others - inspiration from a colleague whose uncle would use a slingshot to get rid of birds not his...

Now, play the video below while looking at images for the full effect... ;-)

Sunday, January 13, 2019

Running my classic Märklin again.

Pulled out a bunch of my old classic Märklin to run for a change – back to the basics for a while. 😃

The E03 with the TEE (the classic tinplate) was my childhood pride and joy.

An hour ago the E03 wouldn't run or gears move. For the first time EVER totally took apart motor, cleaned gears and brushes, AND even managed to put it back together...

SIE LÄUFT, DIE E03 mit TEE am Hacken.

My first Märklin train.

Running the switching puzzle. I've taken this to numerous trains shows — the kids love it.

Still more to do, but it's a start and most importantly, I'm having fun and really enjoying it. I've missed that feeling.

My father's childhood SE800 also got put on, but without traction tires (never had them) wasn't going anywhere. I have a version with though, too, so will run in spirit.