Saturday, November 22, 2008

A train you can model | Ein Moba gerechter Zug

Seen heading east on October 26th from Syracuse NY's CSX yard towards Kirkville. A nice short freight that would work as a model.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

A trip to Binghamton, NY to the Canadian Pacific/Norfolk Southern Yard

On October 12, I headed to Binghampton Yard with a trainspotting buddy where we caught some different action than our usual CSX stock. Our location was at the west end of the yard, in the middle of the map where the entrance to the yard forks off of Holmes Pl.

Am 12. Oktober fuhren ein Kollege und ich zu den Bahnanlagen in Binghampton (ca. 100 km südlich von Syracuse) wo wir mal was Anderes als die üblichen CSX Sachen sehen wollten. Wir waren am Westlichen Ende der Anlagen wo die Einfahrt zu den Anlagen links von Holmes Pl abbiegt.

First in was this manifest freight heading south headed by this Norfolk Southern and four others including one still in Conrail paint. Shot some video too.

Als Erstes sahen wir diesen Zug der in südlicher Richtung fuhr, angeführt von dieser Norfolk Southern Lok und vier Anderen, darunter eine noch in Conrail blau. Habe auch ein Video gemacht.

Then, coming the other way was this manifest pulled by two Canadian Pacific units. The first picture is by my friend Scott.

Aus der anderen Richtung kam dann dieser gemischte Zug angeführt von diesen zwei Canadian Pacific Loks. Das erste Bild stammt von meinem Kollegen Scott.

After hanging out at the CP/NS yard we came by the New York Susquehanna and Western yard where there was no action but some engines, including the black SD-40. Pics by my friend Scott.

Nachdem wir einige Stunden dort verbrachten fuhren wir zu den New York Susquehanna and Western Anlagen wo nichts los war, aber wir einige geparkte Loks sehen konnten. Mit dabei diese schwarze SD-40. Bilder stammen von meinem Kollegen Scott.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

"Great New York State Model Train Fair" in Syracuse

November 1-2 featured an appearance with the Central New York Chapter of European Train Enthusiasts at the "Great New York State Model Train Fair" in Syracuse. Despite the gorgeous weather we had good crowds and interactions with the public. The overall show layout was different making our Center of Progress Building seem more open (empty) but the extra space allowed for better visitor movements. Below are some videos of our modules at the show including a round trip on the Bend Track based modular layout. Descriptions of our family's modules can be found here.

Diagram of the overall layout

Follow the ore train pulled by a DB class 220 on a tour of the modular layout. Modules are (in order)by Mike Nataluk, Sofia Verheyen (game farm), Hope Kuniholm (abandoned quarry end loop), Sofia, Mike Nataluk, Peter Verheyen (2, incl end loop), Mike Nataluk ("T"), Brian Hilgenberg (Hauptbahnhof), Mike Heines (90 degree corner), Gordon Davis (split scene), Charles Grover, Tom Lynch (end loop), and back down.

A tour of Gordon's, Charlie's, and Tom's modules.

Sofia's module from both sides. The module depicts a game farm and playground. Sofia built it early this year at the age of 10 with very minimal assistance from papa (laying track, the fence around the deer, and some of the playground details). She's enjoyed sharing it with her peers.

The DB class BR65 pushing a local headed by a mitteleinsteigswagen and followed by four 3-axle umbauwagen, all of post-war construction. The steam engine in the back was controlled via the Hagenuk telegraphic system, much as on ships...

An eye-level shot of the ore train heading along my modules by going through an underpass before crossing the bridge and finally disappearing under the end loop. A DR class 175 diesel railcar comes towards the viewer. This was the pride of the DDR's fleet.

Final picture of the ore train and a TEE heading around my modules with a very tired Sofia sitting on her mother's lap.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Minoa end of the East Syracuse CSX yard

Decided to try out some new venues for train-spotting in the Syracuse area and discovered the pedestrian overpass at the Minoa end of the East Syracuse CSX yard. Nice view of the trains even if through a chain link fence. The warm air from the diesels was also welcome on this chilly day. Foliage is past peak, but still nice.

Hatte Lust mir mal an einem anderen Ort Züge in der Syracuse gegend anzuschauen und entdeckete die Fußgängerbrücke in Minoa am östlichen Ende des CSX Rangierbahnhofs in East Syracuse. Guter Blick auf die Züge wennauch durch einen Zaun. Die warmen Abgase von den Loks waren auch gut an diesem kühlen herbst Tag. Die Herbstfarben klingen ab, sind aber noch schön.

Location of pedestrian bridge | Ort der Fußgängerbrücke

Stacktrain heading east | Containerzug nach Osten raus fahrend

The same train on the other side of the overpass | Der selbe Zug auf der anderen Seite der Brücke

West-bound manifest freight | Gemischter Güterzug in westlicher Richtung

Eastbound UP manifest freight in East Syracuse | Gemischter Güterzug in östlicher Richtung mit Union Pacific Loks