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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Currywurst, in Syracuse?

Anyone who is a regular visitor to my webpages will likely have noticed my affinity for the industrial haze of Germany's Ruhrgebiet, in particular the ubiquitous kiosks that are everywhere serving up news, sweets, other essentials, but most importantly things like currywurst mit pommes (fries) and mayo. Anyhow, before I digress too far while going for my haircut today I noticed a trailer with Walking Taco on the top and Currywurst below. I knew I just had to stop and try one, nevermind the pouring rain.  Ordered in German, the owner didn't skip a beat and it was delicious. No pommes (fries) and mayo though. :-( Will definitely be back, either there in Manlius next to Sno Top or at their other location in Paradise Market. The trailer is definitely the more authentic venue...

Walking Taco's Currywurst truck in Manlius, NY next to Sno Top in the parking lot.
Eine glückliche Kundin!
The currywurst is said to originate in one of three places, the Ruhr, Hamburg, or Berlin.Walking Taco's is modeled on the Berlin variety and served with a good roll. It is even namesake to a fair movie based on the novelle by Uwe Timm. Famous of all is Herbert Grönemeyer's song of the same title. For those non-German speakers, the New York Times had a good article.

Our first batch with curryketchup made from scratch. Yes that's mayo on those fries!

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Anyway, I love this kind of food and ambiance and have modeled at least one such kiosk on my layout in the form of Bochum's Bergbau-Grill (original and model below). Those that want their own should visit the page just linked to.