Sunday, October 23, 2011

Webcams - But wait, there are more...

Railcam in Mierlo-Hout, Netherlands

Railcam started in 2001, as one of the subjects of the website Since July 2006 the url has changed to It's a famous hotspot, with a daily high number of visitors from every country in the world, and more importantly trains. The camspot is just 30 meters away of the railway crossing at Mainstreet/Mierloseweg in Mierlo-Hout, (municipality Helmond). Railcam 1 is installed in North western direction. Sound is also included so you can hear when the crossing gates start to close.

Plattling - Bahnhof LIVE

Plattling station is a central railway hub in eastern Lower Bavaria in southern Germany that sees a nice mix of traffic throughout the day. Here's an overview of the yard via Google Maps. No sound but a great overview.

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