Monday, January 3, 2011

Bundesbahn in the '70s (to '81)

Replaced my broken scanner over the break, got one that can also do slides and negatives, and am now having fun (re)discovering people, places, and things I saw in my youth. Among them some railroad pics. First some black and white ones, very grainy and borderline terrible, and thus (almost) verging on artsy. Venues for the first set are between Cologne and Bonn, Germany.

Near Köln Deutz.
Class 110 448 coming into Köln Hbf.
Passenger and railway employee (conductor) at Köln Hbf.
SNCB multi-system Class 18 (here 1801, the first in the series of 60) in Köln Hbf.
Heading past the passenger car yard. Coaches on the right are DR stock,
note also the pointy-roofed Type-Y.
More passenger coaches with the Dom in the background.
The E-lok Bw of Köln. Nicely visible the Class 103 on the left and 110s on the right. Looks like
the 103 is still there based on the picture at Google Maps.
Somewhere between Köln and Bonn.
Plattenbau, Wessi-style south of Cologne in Meschenich-Kölnberg. Also called a Trabantenstadt, these
high-rises were stamped out of the fields...
Typical trackside Shrebergärten/Grabeland - garden plots for the masses, often tucked between tracks...
Love birds in Bonn.

BR 103-147 with TEE in Bonn Hbf.

BR 110 heading west from Konstanz to Radolfzell at Allensbach on the B odensee, summer 1979.
BR 403 EMU being run as coupled multiple units along the Rheintal, June 1981.


Jerry said...

I actually REALLY like these photos...they just ooze atmosphere! And they appear highly professional! Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Excellent photos that bring back the atmosphere from the '70s. The "Lovebirds from Bonn" is a real masterpiece. Thanks for sharing.