Monday, December 29, 2008

Working on the railroad, again...

Attracted by the low price and fun challenge I recently purchased two of the Roco "Bromberg" type 4-axle boxcars of the DR. Not too many parts and no sanding, grinding, gluing required. Parts went together quickly and easily.

After putting together the kits, I knew they needed to be weathered, so started out with a wash of black india ink in alcohol. This was followed by applications of the Bragdon Enterprises powdered "chalks," the rust color of which was disolved in alcohol as well, making it penetrate into the springs and other bogie details. It was then finished off with dry applications of the "chalks."

Having finished the two Brombergs, I went at the pair of Brawa Gags boxcars (at back) a more modern type of 4-axle boxcars and the pair of tank cars. All in all a fun afternoon that has left me looking to do more. First, I place them on the layout and ran around for a while behind my BR 120 Taigatrommel of the DR.

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