Monday, January 2, 2012

Pappeck Reko-projekt on the Branchline

Between all matter of book projects and The Bonefolder I'm glad to be getting back to the railroad. After the corner by my small harbor, it became time to set my eyes on my branchline station and neighborhood...

View down the street...
View from across the layout...
Siedlungshäuser from WS-Lasercut will replace the Schreiber houses. The difference in scale is scary. Though originally packed close together, putting three here will make things too tight, so I'll likely opt for 2 with more space between/around.

Unless something changes, all structures in this area will be card lasercut kits. It's been really interesting building these - interesting in a good way. The fit is really good, and the level of detail they can get amazing. None of the plastic shine either, though all will get some weathering and other detailing.
New crushing old...
Kits assembled to date...
The stellwerk and magazin (garage/store house) are by Moebo, the kiosk by Joswood. The magazin I may convert into a small station with a waiting room and storage... Then again, may scratchbuild a small station or use one of the "Wartehaus Sellin - Ost" that I just ordered from WS-Lasercut.
Detail of kiosk.

Building the kits with removable roofs so that I can detail interiors... This is the Trinkhalle/Kiosk so ubiquitous in the Ruhr and elsewhere.

Friday, December 23, 2011

Plow Flies Through Finse

Just seen flying through Finse, a little plow/MOW unit at 1600hrs CET. 

And another one this evening at 2330hrs CET.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

A nice late fall day in Finse

16:40 local time a nice fall day in Finse... The snow is blowing, it's cold, but the Christmas tree is up...

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Great NYS Model Train Fair: Nov. 5 & 6

Two great days at the Great NYS Model Train Fair this weekend. Attendance up by 15%+ over last year, lots of folks and more kids than ever. This one below was completely mesmerized and couldn't get enough. From
2011 Model Train Fair a Big Success!
Nov. 6--The numbers are in... and the 2011 edition of the Chapter's Great New York State Model Train Fair was an unqualified success! Attendance was up 15% over previous years. Vendors reported good sales. The results come after years of flat attendance. This year's show condensed every vendor and exhibitor into one building -- the 90,000 sf Exhibit Center at the Empire Expo. The show also eliminated admission fees for youngsters 15 and under. Next year's show is scheduled for Nov. 3 and 4, 2012.

My star of the show, Sofia who although promised she wouldn't have to spend a day did due to an emergency and absolutely rocked during take-down, loading/unloading, and putting everything back at home. She brought her guitar and worked on her songs while there... Thank you, Sofia. <3

Was really great to have this layout set up again and to run the littler trains (we also have z-scale) these past two days. We put a lot of effort into the modules and it showed. Despite having been invaded by oversized tent caterpillars from outer space (dust and other dirt) during the two years the modules were stored under/next to the H0 layout they cleaned up really well and didn't look tired at all.