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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Bundesbahn Allerlei

With my brother and his kids here this past week I knew that they would want to see and play with the trains. That gave me the extra push I needed to clean the track and dust the cobwebs off of the layout... Even on the switching puzzle. Also swapped out the standard Roco decoders on several engines for LokPilot 4s and what a difference that made in AC analog mode...

With some of my book projects winding down it will be fun to spend more time modeling, weathering, and running the trains. Also will need to take the modules out of storage and prep them modules for Central NY Railfair in November. Maybe I'll even finish my puzzle makeover project.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Currywurst, in Syracuse?

Anyone who is a regular visitor to my webpages will likely have noticed my affinity for the industrial haze of Germany's Ruhrgebiet, in particular the ubiquitous kiosks that are everywhere serving up news, sweets, other essentials, but most importantly things like currywurst mit pommes (fries) and mayo. Anyhow, before I digress too far while going for my haircut today I noticed a trailer with Walking Taco on the top and Currywurst below. I knew I just had to stop and try one, nevermind the pouring rain.  Ordered in German, the owner didn't skip a beat and it was delicious. No pommes (fries) and mayo though. :-( Will definitely be back, either there in Manlius next to Sno Top or at their other location in Paradise Market. The trailer is definitely the more authentic venue...

Walking Taco's Currywurst truck in Manlius, NY next to Sno Top in the parking lot.
Eine glückliche Kundin!
The currywurst is said to originate in one of three places, the Ruhr, Hamburg, or Berlin.Walking Taco's is modeled on the Berlin variety and served with a good roll. It is even namesake to a fair movie based on the novelle by Uwe Timm. Famous of all is Herbert Grönemeyer's song of the same title. For those non-German speakers, the New York Times had a good article.

Our first batch with curryketchup made from scratch. Yes that's mayo on those fries!

Other links:

Anyway, I love this kind of food and ambiance and have modeled at least one such kiosk on my layout in the form of Bochum's Bergbau-Grill (original and model below). Those that want their own should visit the page just linked to.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Christmas in June!

Received my package of laser cut kits from Joswood and Moebo that I mentioned in Posten 210 - My first lasercut kit. First up the stellwerk "Baruth" and a Kiosk. You can never have enough of those for a proper German Ruhrpott layout.

Danke Dirk und Jörg für die Schmuckstücke. Freue mich aufs zusammen bauen und weiteren Modellen.

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Posten 210 - My first lasercut kit

Received my first lasercut kit as a gift from a friend of mine in Germany recently... It's a small utilitarian streckenposten that stood alongside a grade level crossing at kilometer post 210 on Westmünsterlandbahn between Rheine and Emden, Germany. The structure stood in Rheine.

From Drehscheibe Online - Image from 1972 by Harald Pfeiler
From Drehscheibe Online - Image from 2000 by Wilhelm aus dem Münsterland
The kit is manufactured by Joswood and was a great introduction to building these kinds of kits. I've done a lot of scratchbuilding in card using photographic images, but this was quite different. The detail is amazing, especially the railings. Assembly was also quite straightforward. Definitely ready for more of these and look forward to a larger order of kits from Joswood and Moebo.

More pictures when I have it weathered, done, and placed on the layout.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

New (Re)Construction 3

Well, almost a year to the day and I've finally gotten back to working on this corner of the layout. Didn't touch it since last January in terms of building, scenery, ... Below several shots from today with more. As always, still more detailing to do and then off to other areas... Also swapped out my DR stock for DB stock late last summer... Not much else happening here as I seem to have been focusing on my binding/book arts work for the past year and a half or so. Still, use lots of cardboard/paper in both.

Street front view
Detail with view of the Bude (kiosk) where we used to get the beer for my Opa and Haribo for ourselves...
Here the real thing on the Kölnerstr. in Duisburg...
Heading 'round the corner...
Hinterhof. Still some vegetable beds and other details to put in.
And pulling back a bit more to show the speeding BR94 borrrowed back from the G.B.A.G. by the DB...

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Little Big Berlin: Modeling in H0 at its absolute finest...

Amazing modeling on this layout of Berlin. Faller Car system, the latest in animated figures from Viessman and Preiser with to die for scenery. Nothing comes close, not MiWuLa in Hamburg or even MWO in Oberhausen. Check it out.


Little Big Berlin from pilpop on Vimeo.

Yes, I know it's real and not a model, but the effect is amazing. See more with tilt-shift here.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

New (Re)Construction 2

Spent more time this weekend working and got the roofs and numerous other details done. Next steps are weathering, then re-doing the sidewalks as well as the hinterhöfe (back yards). The space is tighter than I want it to be so the trick will be not overloading the scene.

That said, I'm really liking the way these are looking and how everything is falling in place.

More when everything is done.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

New (Re)Construction

Making good use of time at home over Christmas, I decided to start my own reko program by beginning to reconstruct and update parts of the main layout and the switching puzzle. First area of focus was the harbor area where the Schreiber card models I built almost 10 years ago were slated for demolition to be replaced with more milieu appropriate and to scale scale structures. Below a view of the area as it existed until 1 hour ago...

And here the test placement of the new structures, also build of card. The one on the right is a heavily modified Stipp/Auhagen background model, the one on the left is entirely scratchbuilt using various sources for the facade, windows, kiosk... The kiosk (Bude) exists on the Kölner Strasse in Duisburg and is where we used to go for sweets and my Opa's Bier - König Pilsner of course, never-mind the Diebels sign above.

Here a view of the backside... The structure on the right will receive basic balconies, the one on the left still needs the windows... After that detailing the back yard (Hinterhof) with vegetable garden, rabbit stalls, and detritus... All will be walled/fenced in. After that, everything gets a good coat of grime...

Also built an air raid shelter that has been de-militarized with windows blasted through the walls. This will become a disco or some such thing, one of the current uses for the structures - VERY soundproof. Lots of grime still to be added, as well as roof details...

Concurrently, I am replacing the background models on the switching puzzle. These were damaged over the years as a result of taking to shows and loading in and out of the car. The background will also be replaced. Below a before and in progress shot...

Back to work...

Monday, November 9, 2009

Trains in Motion

Our modular layout was part of Euro-East at the Great New York State Model Train Fair in Syracuse this past weekend, November 7-8. More on the train show here, and some pictures of trains further down...

Below an overview of the layout that you can read more about here. The screenshot above, from the Fair's website shows me and a young railfan with the right hand module below in the foreground.

The image above shows how the Bend Track modules were connected on tables rather than using our benchwork. Put the layout at a kid friendly level, something appreciated by the kids and their parents. No damage... whatsoever (we did have to look cross-eyed once or twice but that was it. So, put away the stanchions and rope... The pink blocks are what is used to hold the modules in the correct position on the benchwork. In this case, they also provided a place to hide the wiring. Velcro is used to pull the modules snuggly together. Layout got gently bumped on occasion and no separations. While I had always thought it could work, and wrote so, very glad to see it actually work. Small bits of cardboard were used to level the track...

Here it is with a DB class 23 pulling two brown boxcars and four 3-axle Umbauwagen. The DB 26.4 meter bi-levels are running in the back.

Below some views down the layout as it was set up. Attendance seems sparse (those are not the ghosts of attendees past), but these were taken just as the show opened. Attendance actually seemed good and on par with or better than last year.

Here some more pictures of the trains...

The DB 26.4 meter bi-levels pulled by a Class 65 tenderlok pass Sofia's module.

DB class 23 pulling two brown boxcars and four 3-axle Umbauwagen approaches the bridge from the right while the Class 65 pulls the bi-levels across on the left.

DB class 23 pulling two brown boxcars and four 3-axle Umbauwagen approaches the bridge from the right and crosses it (below).

One of the trains below does not belong on this layout. Which is it?

Finally, there's a report on our local cable news outlet about the Great New York State Model Train Fair that shows some of the modules beginning at 6 seconds in (2 second duration).

Here's the first of two videos from the Fair...
See in better resolution at YouTube

And here the second...
See in better resolution at YouTube

Sunday, May 24, 2009

New Reichsbahn Motive Power

Added to my "collection" of DR motive power in the form of a 58.3 (the reconstructed versions of the old G12/BR58) and the VT172 Ferkeltaxe, a railbus. The 58.3 is Gützold's newest steamer, the 58130 for AC. Says it can go through radii of 380mm, got it through some of my 360mm with a little complaining. Turnouts are mostly ok, interestingly enough more trouble tender first then forward. Although it comes with LOPI 3, I run it analog and driving properties are quite smooth with good pulling power. So that the distance between axles could be kept prototypical, RP25 wheel profiles are used. Rather than being held in place with a screw, the pilot at the front has a mechanism not unlike that for couplers. Front coupler pocket is the standard NEM, rear has a swallow-tail into which one can slide a Roco Universal or Fleischmann coupler if the standard provide hook and loop is not provided. I believe that this solution was selected due to the lack of space inside the tender.

The other item is Brawa's BR172 Ferkeltaxe, the DR's version of the Railbus. Other nickname was Blutblase (blood blister) for the deep red color and the curved front end. It can be seen in the group shot at top. There is more info in German at <>. The model is by Brawa and "replaces" the Era 5 version with the mint green striping... Mint is something I wouldn't even impose on mutton...

Still waiting for Brawa's DR BR65.10... That one should be out in the next month or so...

Back to the layout for some more running.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Reichsbahn Allerlei

Took all my DB stock off the layout 2 weekends ago and am running my
DR stock for a while...

Click here for larger and more pictures.

Reichsbahn (DR of the DDR) allerlei. Locals pulled by a BR114 diesel and a BR78 tank engine changing directions in Pappendorf, freights on the mainline pulled by a BR120 Taigatrommel and BR132 Ludmilla (both built in the USSR), expresses pulled by the BR01.5 steam engine, BR143 electric (one of the last engines designed by the DR for mixed use and still running strong in a reunified Germany), and the BR175 diesel railcar the connected the DDR with Scandinavia, Czechoslovakia, and Austria. Even catch a derailment...

See more videos on the Papphausen2 YouTube Channel

Monday, February 2, 2009

Reichsbahn Action

Posted some new videos on YouTube today featuring my Reichsbahn (DR of the DDR) stock. Been a while since I ran some of the consists so they were grateful for being able to roll.

18 201 with an express, SVT137, 01.5 with an express, BR114 with a short local and BR132 Ludmilla with a freight.

Saturday, January 31, 2009

Updated Layout Photos

Getting ready to do a big swap of stock on the layout, all DR (Deutsche Reichsbahn of the DDR) for a while so took a bunch of new pictures. That, and the old pics were 3+ years old. Here some samples.