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Saturday, June 27, 2015

Comings and Goings - I'm Back...

The layouts have lain dormant for a while (2+ years? Yikes!) as I have pursued other projects, we had some water leak down from above, and I realized that I had too many scales. So... Where was I when last actively engaged with everything... Oh, here!



So, where to start...

My n-scale modules and everything related to them have gone on to a better home at a friend's layout, Bundesbahndirektion Kaiserslautern, where they will see use, be loved, and called George...

Well maybe not the latter.

I've started making a new backdrop and background scene for the switching puzzle that I will take to shows again – Really love showing and interacting with visitors. Overall layout, scenery, presentation important, so something for serious modelers, kids, and all in-between.

On the H0 layout I moved the on/off switch and power controls to the front of the layout, dusted, cleaned, and repaired most of the water related damage. Unfortunately my mountain-top abbey will need to be razed due to too much damage, but I'll replace it with a nice little castle I have handy. Will try to reconstruct the small z-scale loop on that level as well.

Abbey in back to be razed...

Finally, it's nice when the project that has kept me from the trains intersects with them. Below a bookplate in a book recently received that was bound by the bindery of W. Collin in Berlin during the mid-late 19th century.

It was once in the collection of the Henschel family library in Kassel, Germany. Henschel made locomotives small,

Narrow gauge feldbahn locomotive at Boothbay Railway Village


BR 103
and anything in between. Also buses, trucks, aircraft, tanks, the latter two especially during WW II. In 1996, Henschel became ABB Daimler Benz Transportation Adtranz. The company was subsequently acquired by Bombardier (Canada) around 2002.

So, hopefully I can build some sustained momentum and get back to enjoying the trains on all levels, not just pondering and dusting.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Going West

Going West is a short stop action film created by Andersen M Studio that blends two of my passions, books and railroads. You'll have to imagine the train, but the tracks are there...

The film's "book" is by Maurice Gee and the film was mode for the New Zealand Book Council.

Amazing imagery!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Models and Prototypes

Two MIBA reports worth getting. What makes both interesting is that they describe the prototypes that the models are based on with photographs taken on some of the best model layouts in Germany and in the real world. They can be ordered easily via Click on images for more information.

A video of one of the layouts on YouTube can be seen below.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Book Recommendations

After reading a review in Trainini, a German-language online publication for z-scale modelers I decided to order both publications. Both of these publications are excellent reference works for modelers for the ever popular Era III (1950s - 1960s), and in the case of Modellbahnzugbildung beyond. Also provided are very useful tips on various modeling and detailing techniques.

Epoche III describes the 50s and 60s both from a societal and railroading perspective helping the modeler get all the little details right – housing, industries, automobiles, and much more. In Modellbahnzugbildung train composition is the focus covering everything from locals to today's high speed trains and freights of all kinds. Details about the models (manufacturer...) are also provided.

Don't read German? The images in both books tell the story quite well, showing a combination of prototypes and models, the latter having been taken on some of the most well known model layouts with both DB and DR covered in both books. Interestingly enough some classic Märklin models are also shown on these puko/stud-free layouts.

For those that haven't ordered from, it's just like and you can use the same login info. Delivery is usually quite fast and reliable and the value added tax is automatically deducted from orders making the price more reasonable, especially giben the € vs. $ exchange rate.