Saturday, May 28, 2011

BR 221 at Bw Oberhausen Osterfeld Süd

Was surfing through the Revier (Ruhr region of Germany) thanks to Google Maps and saw that the image of the Bw Oberhausen Osterfeld Süd had been updated. What did I find but a BR 221 amid all the 232s, 21xs, 29xs, and 36xs and whatever else was parked around there. Most likely 221 116 (V200 116) of the Dampflok-Tradition Oberhausen. More pictures of 221 116 (V200 116) here. Fun.

And here via Bing. If you follow this link and search around the yard some (image can be rotated for bird's eye from other side) you might even spot a BR 103 in Cream/Burgundy...

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