Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Posten 210 - My first lasercut kit

Received my first lasercut kit as a gift from a friend of mine in Germany recently... It's a small utilitarian streckenposten that stood alongside a grade level crossing at kilometer post 210 on Westmünsterlandbahn between Rheine and Emden, Germany. The structure stood in Rheine.

From Drehscheibe Online - Image from 1972 by Harald Pfeiler
From Drehscheibe Online - Image from 2000 by Wilhelm aus dem Münsterland
The kit is manufactured by Joswood and was a great introduction to building these kinds of kits. I've done a lot of scratchbuilding in card using photographic images, but this was quite different. The detail is amazing, especially the railings. Assembly was also quite straightforward. Definitely ready for more of these and look forward to a larger order of kits from Joswood and Moebo.

More pictures when I have it weathered, done, and placed on the layout.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

BR 221 at Bw Oberhausen Osterfeld Süd

Was surfing through the Revier (Ruhr region of Germany) thanks to Google Maps and saw that the image of the Bw Oberhausen Osterfeld Süd had been updated. What did I find but a BR 221 amid all the 232s, 21xs, 29xs, and 36xs and whatever else was parked around there. Most likely 221 116 (V200 116) of the Dampflok-Tradition Oberhausen. More pictures of 221 116 (V200 116) here. Fun.

And here via Bing. If you follow this link and search around the yard some (image can be rotated for bird's eye from other side) you might even spot a BR 103 in Cream/Burgundy...

Friday, May 27, 2011

Bergwerk Hugo II in Gelsenkirchen

Tour around Bergwerk Hugo II in Gelsenkirchen, the town I called home for two years (1985-1987). Nice descriptive narration in typical Ruhrpott dialect -Wonderful!

And here's what's left now via Google Maps. A whole lot of nothing...