Thursday, December 30, 2010

Back in Kirksville (again, and again...)

Daughter has wanted to go to taekwondo almost every day the past week or so, so I've gotten to hang out trackside in the overcast, gray twilight, gloom watching trains, just 5 minutes away.

Below two clips from yesterday and the day before. Yesterday was great with lots of action, one train following the next. As the dispatcher said, lot's of traffic, and better to be moving more slowly than not at all...

Follow an east-bound intermodal out of East Syracuse CSX yard, and then catch a west-bound manifest freight and finish off the evening with an east-bound Amtrak along Saintsville Rd. In Kirkville, NY. Thought not audible on the video, the first train with 4 engines was only powered by 3 as one was out of service...

As we drive east along the North Runner of the East Syracuse CSX yard we catch a glimpse of a waiting stacktrain, and one heading out of the yard that we chase down, only to see a manifest passing it along the 2 mile or so stretch of Saintsville Rd. Then another manifest soon follows, followed by a nice surprise in the form of a Santa Fe powered ethanol train. We finish with the only west-bound of the day, a fast auto rack.

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